Manushi Chhillar talks about yoga on international Yoga day

‘I’m proud that yoga is India’s gift to the world!’ : On International Day of Yoga, Manushi Chhillar says yoga has made her stronger both physically and mentally!

Ethereal beauty Manushi Chhillar, who is set to debut in Prithviraj opposite Akshay Kumar, says she is indebted to yoga for make her stronger physically and mentally. On International Day of Yoga, Manushi says she feels extremely proud that yoga is India’s gift to the world and it’s benefitting scores of people worldwide!

“Yoga has invaluable and innumerable health benefits and I’m proud that it is India’s gift to the world. Yoga has become a sanctuary for so many people across the world and helped them in so many ways. I recommend everyone should add yoga to their routines to understand the benefits that one can unlock for themselves,” says the former Miss World, who made the country proud by winning back the crown 17 years after Priyanka Chopra won it for India.

Manushi credits yoga for her jaw-dropping physique. “Yoga has been a part of my life since school. More than what it does physically, I feel it has made me more aware, more conscious and I can say, in a way, yoga has made me stronger. I’ve enjoyed adding it to my rest days as it helps me maintain my flexibility,” she says.

The actress also says that yoga has enhanced her sense of focus. “Yoga has taught me patience, taught me to discard things from my mind that’s unimportant. It’s helped my outlook towards life, made my focus sharper and helped me take better life decisions,” she adds.

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