Leading OTT Platform approaches Adah Sharma to create a one of its kind shoe

Adah Sharma is always known for doing something unique. Her choice of roles (her debut in 1920 to her recent Commando 3) her next film is Man to Man where she plays a man!

Her videos, photos, behind the scenes content that she shares on social media goes viral immediately. Adah recently started a series on her Instagram called Party with Paati. Paati being grandmother in Tamil.

After watching these episodes and her recent TED talk a leading OTT Platform has approached Adah to create a show for them. The show will be about Adah and her cat (pillow). It will be funny and dark and shot with limited crew.
For those who don’t know Adah has a cat pillow who has a verified account on Instagram !! The pillow -Radha Sharma has a huge fan following and Adah claims the pillow will be the next star kid in Bollywood. Adah sarcastically even says that she’s promoting nepotism by making the pillow a star !
Adah says in her hilarious way “I can’t believe the popularity and love that Radha Sharma is getting and the audience has always supported me from my debut 1920 I’m very fortunate “

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